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     First of all, please don't misunderstand why this page is here.  If you've planned ahead, you've probably arranged for your scores to be sent to your schools of choice already.  I am certainly not suggesting that everyone pay for this express shipping of your scores.

     On the other hand, you may find that your unique circumstances require that you have your scores sent directly, and you may not realize this until after it's too late to arrange it without this extra effort and expense.

     If you find yourself in that situation, the links below may prove helpful.

SAT Scores

See and send your SAT scores

ACT Scores

See your ACT scores

Send your ACT scores

     In case you're wondering which SAT scores will be sent, (and if you have any options in that respect), here's an answer from the people at College Board.

"All available scores will be sent, including those from previous test administrations. You cannot send only your latest or highest SAT I scores, or separate scores for verbal or math, or only SAT I or only SAT II scores.  Only score reports from completed and scored tests will be sent. You can only send scores that appear next to test dates on your SAT Status page. Scores from future tests for which you have registered, but have not yet completed, will not be included."



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