SAT testing for students with disabilities


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     Many students with documented disabilities can establish the need for accommodations on SAT, PSAT and AP tests. There are three requirements for eligibility.
  1. a disability that requires accommodations for testing
  2. proper documentation on file at the student's school
  3. accommodations allowed at the student's school

     If those three conditions are met, a student should see their counselor about obtaining a SSD Student Eligibility Form. Provided a student does not change schools, only one form will be required.

     Once accommodations are approved, students registering for related tests will need to enclose a copy of their SSD Eligibility Letter if mailing a registration in, include their personal SSD Code if registering online.

     As establishing eligibility can be a time-consuming process, this should be done in the Spring semester of the student's 9th grade, or as soon after as is possible.

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