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     SAT fee waivers are part of a program to help low income students take SAT tests and apply to college without placing a financial burden on the family. SAT fee waivers can be used on the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT subject tests, but there are limitations to consider.

     First, please keep in mind that students are eligible based on financial guidelines and other specific criteria. One easy way to determine eligibility is based on the National School Lunch Program. Students eligible for a free or reduced price lunch meet the financial criteria for an SAT Test fee waiver.

     Second, a student is eligible for a maximum of four waivers for SAT tests. Two may be used for the SAT Reasoning Test, and two may be used for SAT Subject Tests. Students may only use these four waivers during grades 11 and 12. (Juniors may also be eligible for a fee waiver for the PSAT/NMSQT. See your counselor for details.)

     Eligible students should see their counselor to obtain the fee waiver card. Once obtained, the card is mailed in with a paper & pencil test registration form. Be sure to mail in the entire card (do not remove the bottom portion).

     Students who choose to register online will receive only the bottom portion of the waiver card—the top portion cannot be used, and should be discarded. While registering online, students will be asked if they wish to use a waiver. After they indicate that they do, the opportunity will be presented to enter a code. This code will consist of the student’s 6-digit school code, and six digits found on the bottom of the fee waiver card.

     Students should remember that if they qualify for an SAT Test fee waiver, they might also qualify for college application fee waivers.

     If you need more info on eligibility and the process involved, please see the  Guidelines and Procedures for Distributing SAT Program Fee Waivers.


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