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     A rolling admissions system for college admission can be a great advantage for a student if managed responsibly.  The problem is, so often it isn't.  Not that colleges don't live up to their responsibilities, because in my experience they do.

     No, it's sad to say, but the problem's I've experienced are on the student's side.  I can sum it up in one word: procrastination.  If I had a dollar for every time a student told me, "It's OK, their deadline isn't until May first," I'd have, well, a lot of dollars.

     In almost every case, sixty seconds worth of online research proves that while applications may be accepted until May, seats are being filled from December on.  What do you suppose happens when all the seats in a given program are filled?  You guessed it!  You're still welcome to apply, but you're not getting into the filled program.  Even if you do, you may be accepted so late that you get the leftovers in terms of financial aid and housing.

     With that said, rolling admissions do offer two huge advantages.  First, it's nice, after the work involved in completing an application package, to get a response in a fairly short (often 4 weeks) time.  Second, it's a "second chance" for those who receive several rejection letters to locate one or more schools where they may be accepted. 

     If you've planned well, you should be accepted at one or two colleges based on applications sent out in the Fall.  If that doesn't happen though, for whatever reason, consider looking at schools offering rolling admissions for one or two "fourth quarter" applications.  You can find a list online courtesy of Princeton Review. 

     You can also read a great article about rolling admissions courtesy of College Confidential.



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