College Planning Links


    Here they are!  Many of the links I use day in and day out to help my students with the entire college selection and application process and more.  I hope you'll find them as useful as I do.   


Career goals

        Occupational Outlook Handbook


Colleges (just a few I've used as examples)

        Atlantic Cape Community College

        Gloucester County College

        Mercer County Community College

        Washington College

        Penn State


College Searches

        IPEDS College Opportunities

        Princeton Review


        College Board


College Comparisons (and more!)


College Applications

        The Common Application

        The Black College Common Application


PSAT, SAT, and ACT Information


        SAT I ( SAT fee waivers, SAT testing accommodations)

        SAT II

        ACT (ACT fee waivers, ACT testing accommodations)


Test Prep Materials                       (Compare prices and shipping)

        Barnes & Noble (Compare prices and shipping)

        Wal-Mart (I know you hear it a lot--but their prices are low!)


Test Prep Programs 

        Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions  

        Princeton Review 


Application Essays

        Free Online Essay Help


Paying for college

        The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

        The Student Guide


        EROD (State Higher Education Commissions for all states)

        Selective Service

        Cost of Attendance Example

        Scholarships College Planning


Athletic Scholarships

        NCAA Rules for Student Athletes

        NCAA List of Approved Courses


Student (and parent) Loans

        Plus Loans (Very low interest)


Student finances

        Paypal (great for sending cash instantly via email)

        Money and the College Student


Saving for college

        College Plans for the Risk Averse

        What's Wrong with Prepaid Tuition Plans

        Save for College--and Beat the Tax Man

        How to Save for College

        Decide Your Asset Allocation (This is dry--but important!)

        Saving for College (.com) (Donít miss this site!) College Planning (Lots of great articles!)


Combining student loans to save on interest

        FDCL (A must for college seniors or recent grads!)






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