Letters of Recommendation


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     Letters of recommendation should be from those who know you well. Whenever possible, choose someone who has had the opportunity to see you at your very best. In any case, be sure to give the letter writer important background material. This could vary due to individual circumstances, but should always include information about your academic history, your activities, your educational and career goals, and any accomplishments or obstacles overcome which help to make you unique (including jobs if youíve had to work a lot during your high school years).

      Itís also a good idea to indicate the date you will need the letter completed.  You should plan on giving anyone kind enough to write a recommendation letter for you 2-4 weeks or more.  I've had the occasional request to "...have that done by Friday."  I've always done it, but frankly, those were not my best efforts. 

     Finally, as the date you need your letter approaches, a gentle reminder is often a good bet.




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