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     Would free practice for the SAT test help you? Free SAT practice tests are available online. You should know that most of the sites offering them will have an angle of some type. Some will also offer paid programs. Others will offer related ads, including some from colleges. As long as you spend your time focusing on the practice tests, it seems like a fair trade to me.

     Below I've listed some sites offering testing materials. Some are done online, while at least one can be printed out and taken away from your computer. Some offer an entire test, while others offer practice in different areas that are sure to be on the SAT test you'll take. At least one online test even claims to "learn" your skill level and adjust to it as you test.

     Keep in mind that to be a fair approximation of the real thing, a test would have to be timed. Perhaps you'll want to save the complete tests available and take them after brushing up on some of the others sites. Don't miss the test from College Board. This test includes test taking tips and even the directions you'll have to cope with on the day of the actual SAT. Make sure you're familiar with those directions in advance, and you'll be able to breeze through the directions on your test day.

     Be sure to keep in mind that test preparation should take place days, weeks, or months prior to testing. If itís the night before the test, itís too late to prepare. Just try to get a good nightís sleep and have a good breakfast.

     One final note: I'm listing these sites in no particular order. If you'd like to let me know which are most and least helpful, I'll gladly reorder my list and publish any comments you'd care to make.

Free Resources 

(again, some of these contain paid resources as well.)

College PowerPrep

     The free diagnostic tool here may help you to focus on any areas of weakness you have.

Test Prep Review

     This is broken up into modules covering different areas.  If youíll be taking the new SAT (March 2005 and onward) exclusively, donít spend any time on areas that will no longer be covered.

College Board

     Donít miss their "mini" and full-length tests, which you can complete on a timed basis.

Princeton Review

     The interactive lesson and online test sound great. Please let me know what you think.

     Very workable and easy to use test. Lots of test prep materials for sale as well.

     Sponsored by PNC Bank.

 Kaplan SAT Quiz Bank

Free Practice SAT

Free ACT Quiz Bank

     Kaplan offers a huge variety of paid resources ranging from online test prep to live classroom work and/or tutoring.


     If you know a particular test prep book you want, you can compare prices at the sites below.   sometimes has great prices. Ebay is also a price leader sometimes, although those who donít use eBay may find it more complex than a simple purchase from an online retailer.

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