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     Who needs a financial aid PIN?  Everyone who wants to apply for Federal Student Aid online! I routinely encourage every student to apply for aid, and I strongly recommend that they apply online, so as far as I'm concerned, every student continuing their education after high school needs a financial aid PIN. In the vast majority of cases the student's parents will need a financial aid PIN too, but that can be used over many years for all of a parent's children.

     It's important to check the eligibility requirements before requesting your PIN. The information you send use to apply for your PIN will be sent to the Social Security Administration--and it must match what they have on file! You may want to request a social security card before applying for your pin in order to play it safe.

     What is your PIN used for?  Initially you'll use it to electronically sign your FAFSA online. It will also help you to view and correct your Student Aid Report (SAR), to sign promissory notes, and to reapply for financial aid each year.

     Where can you apply for your PIN?  Thatís easy! Just click here!

Financial Aid PIN FAQ


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