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        Why complete the FAFSA? That’s easy! The FAFSA "…opens the door to the federal aid process." That mini-quote comes to you straight from the FAFSA on the Web page, where you can find comprehensive information on the FAFSA, and even complete it online. For those who are not yet convinced they need to complete it, here are a few things to keep in mind.

     The FAFSA is the starting point not only for grants, but also for student loans and work-study jobs. Even students who don’t qualify for grants may want to take advantage of the favorable rates and terms on student loans. Work-study jobs are often relatively easy jobs. In many cases students can actually do their homework while working (For example, working the desk in the library or gym).

     Another reason to complete the FAFSA is that s***f (stuff) happens. For example, parents may lose a job and as a result family income may drop dramatically. If the FAFSA is on file when this occurs, the financial aid office of the college a student is attending can adjust to the new situation. If not, it may be months—or even longer—before any adjustment to the aid package can be done.

     Finally, it’s important to remember that many colleges will not award their own aid unless the FAFSA has been filed. To put it in simpler terms, there may be students heading towards college who shouldn’t fill out a FAFSA, but I can’t remember the last time I met one.



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