ACT testing for students with disabilities




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     Students with disabilities may be able to establish a need for accommodations in ACT testing. There are 4 very important points to consider regarding ACT testing with accommodations:

  1. A student's first registration must be by mail (post marked by the registration deadline) so that the proper documentation can be included.
  2. Even students previously approved for accommodations by ACT must request accommodations each time they want to test.
  3. "...the disability must have been diagnosed or reconfirmed by a qualified professional within the three academic years prior to the date of the request." (
  4. "In cases where the initial diagnosis was made within the 12 months prior to the request for accommodation, full documentation must be submitted with the request." (

     Much more extensive information is available online at and on page 4 of the ACT registration bulletin (available in your school's guidance office).


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